Fixed the download link in the menu.

Currently based on (x)ubuntu 20.04 LTS (SB.OS 1.4.2).


Just updated this site and added separate software lists for Python 2, Python 3 and R packages, for better overview


The base of SB.OS is now ubuntu xenial (16.04)


The base of SB.OS is now ubuntu trusty (14.04)


Weekly builds


the result of the work of the last weeks you can find in the testing area It's based on ubuntu oneirc, but with the xfce4 desktop environment. Comments and suggestions would be very helpful…


I heavily reworked the build script; now it builds the system from scratch, without the need of a downloaded image. You will find it in the svn


updated/added celldesigner 4.2, libsbml5* and libsbml4*, copasi 4.7.34, cain 1.9, sbmltoolbox 4.0.1, sematicsbml 1.1 to the oneiric repository in preparation of the new SB.OS 0.6


In the last time, the weekly build of SB.OS was very successfull; there is a SB.OS image, based on ubuntu 11.04 (natty) in testing, but currently we prepare the changeover to 11.10 (oneiric). Currently I'm building only 64bit packages, if there is a need for 32bit, I can do it later… We switched the Desktop Environment to xfce4, it is much more suitable for big monitors and a lot of applications. libsbml 4 is now installed as libsbml4, libsbml5 will follow in the next days.


After some month, while „only“ maintening our local installations of SB.OS, we decided to enforce the development. All the time we updated our software environment, but it's time to do this also on the SB.OS DVD. That's why, from now on we build (automatically) weekly a fresh DVD, and - also new - we provide 32bit and 64bit versions (but only for x86 architecture). For installation, you should use 64bit, it is better tested (and almost all new computers have too much RAM for 32bit). Both editions you'll find in the download area under weekly The actual release is SB.OS-0.5 (but the name of the isoimage contains the compile date too).


added this newspage to the website :-)

So it might be easier to follow our work

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